Why don’t I ever see the library dance class advertised?!?

Through the generous sponsorship of the Walpole CFCE, and a strong partnership with the Millis Dance Theater, the Millis Public Library  has been offering a ballet-based dance class for 2-4 year olds for the past several years.    The class is held on Thursday mornings with 2 start times, 10:30am, or 11:15am.  We run the 8 week class twice a year, fall and winter.

The class has been so popular that the  wait list from the previous session FILLS the next session!

If you are interested in having your child take the class, email Youth Services Librarian Rachel  at rsilverman@minlib.net with the name of your child (or children) and she will add you to the list of kids interested in the Winter 2018 Class.  If a space in the Fall 2017 class opens up, it will be offered to the children on the Winter list on a first come/first serve basis.