Millis Reads About the Environment

January – December 2018

Summary: Started in 2013, Millis Reads is an effort to strengthen the Millis Community by encouraging everyone to explore and discuss the same topic in whatever way works for them. This year’s Millis Reads is all about the Environment. The Library is offering a list of suggested books, as well as hosting a film series, a speaker series, monthly discussion groups led by local experts, and multiple field trips.


Suggested Reading:

Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Rachel Carsen

The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

Climate Changed by Philippe Squarzoni

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

This Changes Everything by Naomi Kline


Film Series:

An Inconvenient Truth

Beasts of the Southern Wild


Plastic Paradise


Speaker Series:

Robert Weiss, Energy Manager, Town of Millis

Elizabeth Kolbert, Author of Field Notes from a Catastophe


Bioethics Professor

Wellesley College Professor

Tangerini’s Farm

FreshBox Farms

How to Green Your Home

Sustainable Gardening (partnership with the Millis Garden Club)


Discussion Circles:



Field Trips:

EPA in Boston

Hike in Millis


School Connections:

Learning Garden

Book Club

Environment Fair (open to all ages in town)