Creative Writing for Middle & High Schoolers

For Students in 5th-12th Grade

April 26th, 3:00pm

Creative writing lovers are invited to meet up at the library to practice responding to writing prompts!

We will provide paper and pens, or you can use your library card to borrow one of our in house laptops.  You are also welcome to bring your own favorite device or notebook.

Doodling for Relaxation

Wednesday, April 5th 3pm

For Students in 5th-12th Grade

Did you know that doodling is a great way to relax and even meditate?

At this workshop we’ll use learn the Zentangle method of doodling which was created to encourage focus, creativity and relaxation.  You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started on this fun and artistically   fulfilling relaxation technique!

Early Dismissal Movie


Wednesday, April 5th, 1pm

Recommended for children 5-14, all ages welcome!