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Family Concert

Saturday, April 11th 10:30-11:15am

Sing and dance your heart out at  a children's concert featuring


Elijah T. Grasshopper

All ages welcome

Millis Public Library

Roche Bros. Community Room

This program is funded through the Walpole CFCE Program, through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education, and Care's Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant and the Millis Public Library.


Open to Students in 5th-12th Grade

Saturday April 11th, 2015


Millis Public Library, Roche Bros Community Room

Bring up to 10 gently used items to trade for "tickets" to buy new-to-you items brought in by others.  Enjoy FREE snacks and music!

What to bring:  Books, video games, CDs, figurines, games, trinkets, accessories.  Things that YOU don't want, but another person in 5th-12th grade might.  

Swap meets are a FUN, GREEN, and COST EFFECTIVE way to clean out your closet and add to your collections.  In that spirit, we will donate all leftovers to a local thrift shop.

This program run by the Millis Public Library TAB (Teen Advisory Board)

Children's Puppet Show: Swimmy & Swimmer

Tuesday, April 21st (April Vacation Week) 10:30-11:15am

Brought to you by the Friends of the Millis Public Library

Millis Library’s Roche Bros. Community Room

Recommended for children ages 3-12 and their families



Vermont’s PuppeTree brings to the stage a stunning new production of Leo Lionni's classic children's bookSwimmy. This fully authorized multimedia production blends shadow puppets, animation and projections performed by the PuppeTree's founder Ann Legunn. A visual and musical treatSwimmyfeatures a classical music score that draws us into the undersea world and introduces children to lyrical work of Debussy.

The companion piece,Swimmer, is an original work inspired by Lionni’s wonderful story, set on a picturesque New England river. A young girl recognizes the threats to her beloved river and learns to organize the people that live along it’s banks to change their behavior and preserve the magic of the river.Swimmerboasts an original music score by Patrick Ross a fifth generation Vermont fiddler and composer. Visual artists, musicians, puppeteers and craftsman have worked over 3 years to bring this beautiful and inspiring show to life.





Study Week Features:

-Extended Hours EXCLUSIVE to High School Students

-FREE pizza, drinks, and snacks

-Spaces for private and group study

-Fun stress-relief activities (bubble wrap anyone?)

Study Week Hours:

Tuesday, June 16th After School-10pm*

Wednesday, June 17th After School-10pm*

Thursday, June 18th After School-10pm**

Saturday, June 19th 10am-3pm

*Library Closes to the Public at 8pm. 

**Library Closes to the Public at 4pm








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 MillisReads 2015   


What is Millis Reading This Year?

This year, the MillisReads book is Dark Tide : The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, by Stephen Puleo. Check out his website for more information at  Middle School students will have an alternate book about this event, entitled The Great Molasses Flood by Deborah Kops. Clyde Brown School will be hearing or reading a picture 

book version called Molasses Flood by Blair Lent.

2015 Events Scheduled as Follows: 

Monday, February 27 at 9:30 am : Author Stephen Puleo will be giving a presentation to the Millis High School 

Monday, March 16th at 6:30 pm : The Millis High School Book Group will discuss "Dark Tide"  at the Millis Public Library


Sit 'N Knit
Thursday Mornings from 10 - 12
Sit 'N Knit - Drop-In Sessions in the Atrium at the Millis Public Library
Thursday Mornings from 10 - 12.

The Sit 'n Knit is an informal group that meets on Thursday mornings at the Library.  All are invited to bring a new or ongoing knitting project or any other small craft project to work on in the company of others and share your ideas.  Relax with old friends and meet new ones!  This is not an instructional program. 

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS -- FREEGAL at the Millis Public Library

Upgraded Subscription - 5 downloads per patron per week!

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Millis Historical Society Bicentennial Quilt On Display
Visit the Library Website "Learn About the New Library" for additional information about this beautiful quilt!

Happy Birthday Millis Public Library
Library Celebrates With Special Guests!

New Millis Public Library Celebrates 1st Birthday!
The Library's Cake Pan Collection was used to create an amazing
array of Birthday Cakes! 

Thank you to all of the groups and individuals who checked out a
library cake pan and baked a special treat for the Birthday Party!




Friday Afternoons at 1 pm in the Roche Bros. Community Room

                                  SILVER SCREEN MATINEES

January 2015 March 2015

Programs will be held in The Roche Bros. Community Room on Friday afternoons at 1 pm.  Program is free.   No registration required.   SILVER SCREEN MATINEES are made possible through the generous funding of the Friends of the Millis Public Library.  We are also grateful to the family and friends of Geno I. DelloRusso for their purchase of the 2014 Public Performance Site License from Movie Licensing USA which allows us to screen these films in the library.

JANUARY 9:  (NR); 140 min; 1961

A scenic, tobacco-road soap opera, Parrish features Troy Donahue in the title role. Parrish's mother happens to marry one of two competing tobacco growers in the Connecticut River Valley. Her new husband and Parrish's stepfather Judd Raike drums the tobacco business into Parrish, alienating him in the bargain. The lad is soon romancing three different women: Judd's daughter Paige, the daughter of Judd's arch-rival, and a wanton woman of the tobacco fields. Now all that remains is for the romance and the rivalry to shake down into the winners and losers.

JANUARY 16:  (PG); 124 min; 2014

JB Bernstein (Jon Hamm), a one-time successful sports agent left the massive company he worked for to start in his own agency, Seven Figures Management, with his business partner Aash. The company is in serious financial straits, and they lose the big client they've been grooming. In a fit of inspiration, JB believes they can go to India, find a cricket bowler, and teach him to be a baseball pitcher.

JANUARY 23:  (PG13); 113 min; 2014

In the not-too-distant future, a ferocious race of aliens dubbed "Mimics" have descended from the stars to stake their claim on Earth. Five years after arriving, they're poised to claim Europe. Tom Cruise stars as a futuristic soldier who is killed during a battle with alien invaders, and lives out the last day of his life over and over again.

JANUARY 30:  (PG);122 min; 2014

An Indian teen in France goes to work for his father's culinary adversary. Put young Hassan Kadam in a kitchen, and he's bound to emerge with a dish that will dazzle. When Hassan's family is forced to move from their native India, his Papa relocates to a peaceful hamlet in the south of France. Determined to give his new neighbors a little taste of home, Papa decides to open an Indian restaurant in the village. Meanwhile, across the street at the traditional French restaurant, uptight proprietor Madame Mallory doesn't exactly welcome the competition. Stars Helen Mirren.

FEBRUARY 6:  (PG); 112 min; 1954

Laid up with a broken leg, photojournalist L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart) is confined to his tiny, sweltering courtyard apartment. To pass the time between visits from his nurse and his fashion model girlfriend, Lisa , the binocular-wielding Jeffries stares through the rear window of his apartment at the goings-on in the other apartments around his courtyard.

FEBRUARY 13:  (R); 134 min; 2014

This bittersweet saga dramatizes the rise and fall of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - one of the key pop groups of the early '60s, responsible for such iconic hits as "Sherry," "Walk Like a Man" and "Big Girls Don't Cry."


FEBRUARY 27:  (R); 120 min; 2014

A 35-year-old father (Zach Braff) who's never quite grown up learns about life when he's forced to homeschool his kids, since their grandpa can no longer afford their private-school tuition and their public school is a mess.

MARCH 6:  (NR); 100 min; 1964

Light and laugh-filled, this is typical Rock Hudson and Doris Day fare. George is a hypochondriac married to Judy in this marital comedy. When George goes to visit the doctor, he overhears two doctors talking about a diagnosis of a terminally ill patient. George believes they are talking about him and that he is doomed to die.

MARCH 13:  (PG); 115 min; 2014

Inspired by a true story, this story tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport.

MARCH 20:  (PG-13); 123 min; 2014

The king of all monsters returns as a terrifying winged-creature dubbed a "MUTO" is unleashed. As the military attempts to devise a plan to destroy the beast, signals indicate that it had been calling out to something before it broke free, and the scientists learn that it has awoken a towering, godlike leviathan that has lied dormant for centuries, and may be mankind's only hope for restoring the balance of nature.


Silver Screen Movie Matinees for Adults will be held on Friday afternoons in the Roche Bros. Community Room.  No registration required.  Roche Bros. Community Room is air-conditioned and snacks will be provided.  Films will begin at 1 pm! 

Due to copyright restrictions we are not able to publicize the actual titles outside of the Library.  If you would like to know what the title of the movie is, please give us a call at the Library:  508-376-8282.

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