Volunteering at the Library is a great way to help your community! Volunteers have helped set up for events, pulled items to be placed on hold, delivered items to homebound patrons, grown vegetables in the Library garden, reorganized the library, and much more. Look below for current volunteer opportunities and for descriptions of volunteer tasks. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the Millis Public Library, please contact Rachel Silverman at rsilverman@minlib.net.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Job Opening – Shelving Project

The Millis Public Library has an immediate opening for a part-time, short-term volunteer to help with a reorganization project. This position requires a lot of heavy lifting – the volunteer will be required to move large quantities of books from shelves to a book cart, move the metal shelves into a new configuration, and put the books back on the shelves from the cart. The volunteer will also need to be careful that books are put back in the proper order.

The Library will provide project-appropriate training and check in with the volunteer throughout the project.

If you are interested in this volunteer position, please email Volunteer Program Manager Rachel Silverman at rsilverman@minlib.net.

Volunteer Job Descriptions:

Special Project Volunteer: Special project volunteers work on ongoing projects as needed. Hours and responsibilities will vary depending on the project.

Children’s Relabeling Project Volunteer: Children’s relabeling project volunteers are responsible for typing and printing new labels for books in the children’s department, affixing the labels, and securing the labels in place. Once training has taken place, volunteers will have the flexibility to work on this project during the operating hours of the library that best fit with their schedule.

Interlibrary Loan Volunteer: Interlibrary loan volunteers are responsible for locating and pulling from the shelves books and other materials requested by patrons at other libraries in our network. Currently Interlibrary loan volunteers are needed on Saturdays and should be available to volunteer for approximately 1 hour per Saturday September-June any time between 10am-2pm.

Library Shelving Volunteer: Library straighteners are responsible for doing walk-throughs of the Millis Public Library to straighten shelves, pick up stray books and toys, dispose of left-behind trash, as well as doing periodic shelf dusting. Volunteers must be able to bend down to pick objects up off the floor. Straighteners are needed any time between 12-2pm Tuesday-Friday. Volunteers are welcome to pick one or more days of interest.

Door-Stop Delivery Volunteer: Door-stop Delivery volunteers are partnered with homebound patrons in the community to provide them access to library materials. Volunteers are responsible for picking up pre-packed bags of materials for homebound patrons, delivering the bag to the home of the individual, and returning previously dropped off bags of the material to the library. Days and times of pick ups and drop offs will vary, and will depend on the schedule of the volunteer and the patrons to whom they are delivering materials.

Senior Tax Relief Volunteer: For more information about the Tax Work Off Program for Senior Citizens, please contact the Council on Aging.